Welcome to Cardinal

Cardinal was founded on Highland Avenue in Los Angeles in 1948. After several moves, today our solar powered manufacturing facility is in Azusa, California. Our campus of three buildings includes manufacturing, warehouse, an air conditioned pet treat distribution center, corporate offices, a full R&D laboratory as well as two QC labs and a lot of creative energy! We are licensed by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) to produce over-the-counter drugs and the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approves us to manufacture insecticides. GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices) are just starting points for the high standards we have established for our products. Our brand names stand for quality and 100% consumer satisfaction.

Our Vision

Cardinal Laboratories (also known as Cardinal Pet Care) is a leading manufacturer and marketer of dog products for pet specialty stores, mass and discount stores and grocery stores. Located in Azusa, California, in Los Angeles County, (USA), we also enjoy strong market positions in Japan, Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, Mexico, Sweden, Germany, the UK, Philippines, Taiwan, Slovenia, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and 33 other countries! Our company is Devoted to Pets, People & the Planet!

Cardinal Pet Care

Although Cardinal started in the pet industry as a manufacturer of pet grooming and health care products, we have steadily branched out into other pet products including dog treats. Today our pet business includes 7 different well known brands of pet products, each occupying a specific niche and reason for being.  

We Love and Are Devoted to Pets

All of us at Cardinal love and have pets and as a company we are Devoted to Pets, People & the Planet. Our mission is to be planet friendly while providing eco-friendly pet products that improve life for people and their pets.

See Our Family of Brands

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If you are a pet business we encourage you to join the Pet Industry Sustainability Coalition: petsustainability.org for lots of helpful information and a commitment to our environment. As a business you'll discover it makes "cents" as well as "sense" to "go green." Our company is one of the original founding members of PISC and we highly recommend it. You can join at many different levels of participation and can try it out for free.

If you are a solar powered company, or are thinking about becoming one, Join the American Solar Energy Society: ASES.org Solar power is 1/3 the cost today that it was 4 years ago. Join ASES for more info, the award winning Solar Today magazine the e-newsletter: Solar @ Work which comes out 2x a month, financing options, Solar Tours, information on current studies and a yearly conference plus networking with companies that can help inform you about their solar plants. You'll also be automatically enrolled in the International Solar Energy Society! ISES.org

Why Go Green?

Average CO2 Reduction of 14 Tons a month.

Our Company's Solar powered manufacturing plants are responsible for CO2 reduction by 28,296.40 Pounds a month. This is a fantastic contribution to our environmental health.

Tony Receives Best Green Company to Work For Award

"Environmentally-Friendly" Retro Ideas for Lower Energy Use on Hot Summer Days (Things we used to do!)

1. The Two Mile Challenge: If your destination is less than 2 miles away; walk, bike, skate, or ride-share there. You'll save money, energy, increase fitness and reduce pollution.

2. Cool Off Outside: Don't stay closed up inside with the AC on all day, find a shady spot outside and set up a hammock or lawn chairs. Grab a book and some lemonade, listen to the birds, read and enjoy the breeze! Maybe take a nap! Save energy and connect with nature.

3. Pick something edible! Strawberries and other berry crops may be gone by now but corn, apples, cantaloupes, grapes, limes, potatoes, squash, and pumpkins are harvested in late summer/early fall. If you didn't think to plant them early in the summer, now's the time to visit the local farms and pick some, or pick them up at the local farm store.

4. Preparing for Fall Fashion and Back to School Clothes
Think Eco-friendly when purchasing new clothes. Make it a challenge to look for "green" clothing brands and things like faux fur instead of the real thing and rubber instead of leather in shoes.

Thanks to Office Solutions' (OfficeSolutions.com) Lean Green Newsletter for these great ideas. If you're thinking about a recycling program for your company, Take a look at Office Solutions simple, simple, simple program! 1. Call their Customer Service and ask them to deliver their recycling boxes. 2. Tell your employees to fill up the appropriate boxes for papers, ink cartridges, toner cartridges, used batteries, metal, K-cups! and outdated computers and parts. 3. When the boxes are full call them to come pick them up. They do the recycling for you.

5 Reasons Your Electric Bill is So High

If you’re like most people, you probably think you spend too much on your electric bill. And you may be right. Many of the causes of high electric bills are related to the way you use electricity in your home, some of which you might not even be aware of. To help you start saving money, we’ve highlighted five ways in which you’re probably using too much electricity, as well as some tips for using less.

President John F. Kennedy, September 25, 1963

"Our primary task now is to increase our understanding of our environment to a point where we can enjoy it without defacing it, use its bounty without detracting permanently from its value, and, above all, maintain a living balance between man's actions and nature's reactions." JFK at Univ. of Wyoming, September 25, 1963.

Why White Roofs Are Green

In the roofing industry, the key word today is “reflectivity.” When the roof reflects the rays of the sun, the result is energy savings and sustainability.

Reasons to Recycle

  • Good For Our Economy American companies rely on recycling programs to provide the raw materials they need to make new products.

  • Creates Jobs Recycling in the U.S. is a $236 billion a year industry. More than 56,000 recycling and reuse enterprises employ 1.1 million workers nationwide.


                                                             Turning on the LED Parking Lot lights at Cardinal 

Going Green Globally

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Check out http://350.org a world wide organization that is getting to work on global climate change at the grass roots level. They are coordinating over 5,450 events in more than 75 countries scheduled for 10/10/10 to bring attention to sustainable solutions for our planet in local communities. Do you have an event scheduled? Are you doing something everyday to help reduce carbon footprint? Tell them and share it with us. In 2009, CNN called the 350.org events the most widespread day of political action in history -- with over 5,000 events in 181 actions! This year it will be even bigger – if we all participate!

Scientists have identified 350 ppm (parts per million) as the safe upper limit level for CO2 in our atmosphere. At Cardinal we’re supporting 350.org by reducing our Carbon Footprint everyday through the use of solar systems, cool roofs, eco-friendly windows and much more. Solar power not only runs our factory, offices and distribution centers, it safely air conditions our factory for the comfort and performance of our employees, reduces our carbon footprint and provides excess power to the grid as a daily event.

In every corner of the globe, 350.org is helping people and businesses implement solutions to the climate crisis: from solar panels to community gardens; from wind turbines to bike workshops. Check out the things you can do.

At Cardinal we have a solar system on our 70,000 sq ft green building at 766 S. Ayon Avenue. as well as our manufacturing building next door at 710 S. Ayon Ave. Azusa, CA 91702

At Cardinal Pet Care and Cardinal Laboratories, We're getting to work--what about you? 350.org is a grassroots campaign that is mobilizing a global movement to stop the worst of the climate crisis. It’s as simple as planting a garden, creating a compost pile or riding your bike to work.

Join Cardinal and thousands of people like you who each make a difference one step at a time or help organize events for their communities. What do you do? Tell us we’ll post it. And be sure to go to 350.org and tell the world what you’re doing.

350.org stands for the safe limit of 350ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere. PPM also stands for their "People-Powered-Movement." 350.org holds business and community leaders accountable to the latest climate science. They want all of us to start the global transformation we so desperately need. We’re proud that the leader of our company, Tony de Vos, has committed his resources to making a difference and being a leader in the green movement in our city.

Our factory uses water to make many liquids, crèmes, lotions and gels that are used in products for beauty, bath, personal care, dental, liquid supplements, household and industrial cleaners and in pet products. We reclaim and reuse gray water for our landscaping. This 350 “event” goes on at Cardinal Laboratories everyday.

Reducing carbon footprint at a business encompasses changing many things. Our factory was completely torn apart last year and every motor, switch, electric panel, wire and much more was replaced with high efficiency equipment to help reduce our carbon footprint.

Visit 350.org again today and check out the powerful effect of the activities going on today in over 117 countries that have pledged their support by creating community events and building sustainable solutions in local communities and demonstrating to the world what can be done step by step, person by person, leader by leader, community by community. We can make a difference – and Cardinal Laboratories is one company demonstrating how to make the change and make a difference.

Today at Cardinal we are reducing our carbon footprint, generating solar power and returning to our grid, reclaiming and reusing gray water from our manufacturing.

Today, go to http://350.org and Join 350.org and the World in creating the next chapter of this amazing journey.

Cardinal Pet Care Goes Green

Cardinal Pet Care Celebrated Their “Energy Independence Day” On October 2009, By Going Off The Electric Grid To Solar Power

AZUSA, CA – Cardinal Pet Care turned off the power, and turned up the lights on a new, more earth-friendly era on Thursday October 29th, when it “Fliped the Switch” that officially transformed his Azusa, CA manufacturing center into a solar powered facility.

The city of Azusa Presents Cardinal With a Check For Energy Credits (L-R), Mayor Joseph Rocha(partial), Cardinal owner Tony deVos, Azusa City Manager Francis DeLoach (right).

The Plan for Energy Independence - Phase One - Completed!

Step One
710 Ayon Ave. The Energy Overhaul

Cardinal’s manufacturing and distribution facility in Azusa has served us well for many years. It has produced Cardinal’s own branded pet products for many years as well as serving as a contract manufacturer for many other successful companies in the pet industry.

Step Two
Installing A Title 24 White/Cool Roof

A roof plays a key role in reducing the amount of energy needed to heat or cool a building. In compliance with California Title 24 standards, we installed a foam insulating barrier on the entire roof with a very rugged, very reflective white coating over it.

Step Three
Controlling the Air Quality in the Factory

Goodman High Efficiency 13 Seer Air Conditioning units were used to replace the old units that served the office areas and three 10 Ton units were added to keep the factory comfortable and control the humidity. They utilize R-410A earth-friendly coolant. Economizers (480 v 3-phase units) were added to make sure the building had plenty of fresh air.

Step Four - The Solar Collection System

The most noticeable feature of our energy overhaul is the solar collection system. Over three hundred Siliken Renewable Energy™ aluminum framed solar panels are installed on the roof to collect energy. These 3’ x 5’ American-made panels are arranged for maximum exposure to sunlight. They cover 5,440 square feet of space on the roof and generate 73.6 kw of AC power per hour.

Phase Two 

Phase 2 - New Construction at 766 Ayon Ave., Azusa

A total of 18 months of preparation took place for a new 70,000 square foot distribution center next to our current manufacturing facility. Architect planning and blueprints, land preparation, financing and selection of the contractor were finalized. Ground breaking took place November 2009.

Phase Three

Phase 3 - Distribution Center in Baldwin Park

The conversion of Cardinal Pet Care's dog treat distribution center, located 2 miles away in Baldwin Park, started in September 2009 with the installation of eight 10-Ton air conditioning units in a system designed to control the temperature and humidity and keep the dog treats fresh.