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This is So Cute!

In Australia there’s a company called Choosi that gathers information to give people tips on how to purchase insurance. The company did extensive consumer research on pet owners to learn the biggest influences on their buying behaviors. Here’s a link to their report presented as an Infographic. (We love infographics. They’re so much quicker than reading a report – BUT they are difficult to share because they don’t fit on a standard screen or paper if you want to print one.) Below are some of the fun facts in the report:


Oh, by the way, AUSTRALIA has the highest rate of pet ownership in the world!
The average cost of acquiring a dog there is $599, a cat: $161.
75% of pet owners humanize their pet in some way.
54% say they spoil their pet.
47% of pet owners prefer spending time with their pet instead of a person
61% don’t trust people who don’t like pets
77% say their pets have the same personality they do
59% say “nothing is too good for our pets”
93% of pet parents say pets should be treated with the same love& kindness as a family member! (We agree!)
For MORE insight into Australian pet lovers visit the site by clicking on the link above