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November Special Pet Days

November quiets down after a busy October of special pet days, but they are important days none the less. It's Pet Cancer Awareness month, Pet Diabetes month (did you know there are estimates that over a third of dogs have diabetes?!), Adopt a Senior Pet month and National Pet Awareness month! Pet stores around the country will be planning events around these themes.

Next week, the 5th through the 11th is National Animal Shelter Appreciation week. One of the best ways that we can help them celebrate is to stop by our nearest animal shelter with a couple of old but clean blankets, or a pile of old but clean towels we can spare. They never run out of need for those two things. You can also call ahead or check their website to see if there's anything else on their "need list" that you can donate. Enlist the help of the kids! Maybe they can ask the neighbors for old towels and blankets.

Yesterday was NATIONAL COOK FOR YOUR PETS day. (Sorry we were busy cooking yesterday.) We'd love to receive your recipe if you did cook for your pet. Also we can recommend our own Crazy Dog cook book for some fun, easy recipes for dogs and cats: The Crazy Kids Guide to Cooking for Your Pet! There's a SUPER special going on right now over at Http:// that offers the cookbook and the 2 Crazy Pet DVDs (Meet the Crazy Pets and Pet Training & Dog Tricks) all for $5 with your regular purchase. Great items for kids for Christmas!

Next up is Veteran's Day +Pets on the 11th. A "Pet for Vets" adoption event in Illinois on Veterans Day will waive pet adoption fees for veterans who want to adopt a dog or cat from participating shelters. "The statewide event helps alleviate shelters which have taken in animals from hurricane ravaged Texas and Florida." Look for local events like that as one way to honor our living veterans and of course, attend the many services in honor of our fallen soldiers.

National Black Cat Day is Nov 17th. The scientific fact is black cats lack any pigment color but black. There's still a lot of superstition around black cats though. We prefer to believe English sailors who say a black cat on board the ship brings calm seas. Our family's favorite pet (so far) was a black cat named "Cinder Mittens" named that by a 3 year old because she had no "mittens" (aka white paws). She was not only beautiful she kept us laughing all the time. We did keep her inside around Halloween because of those old superstitions.

The anniversary of the Humane Society is on the 22nd. Again if you have a Humane Society in your town, they can use birthday donations just like the shelters we appreciate. And, finally, for fun - watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade as part of your celebration and count how many of those giant balloons are dogs or cats while you are enjoying our National Holiday!