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Hope you all had a Happy 4th of July Celebration – and your pets all survived without over stressing or running away! More pets are turned into shelters this week than any other, because they bolted when the fireworks started. temp-post-imageMany shelters are offering what they call “AMNESTY” this week – meaning if your dog was turned in last night or this week, they waive any charges for reclaiming your dog. Be sure to have pictures, vaccination proof or some way to prove it’s your dog.
If Your Pet IS Lost:
• Search your neighborhood today and alert everyone you lost a dog. Leave a flyer if they aren't home.
• Call your local Vet to see if anyone took it there rather than a shelter.
• Put up signs (in legal spots) with a picture of your pet, its name, your first name and phone number.
• Post on your FB, TW, Instagram and local neighborhood sites.
• Visit the nearest animal shelter to see if your pet was picked up or turned in.

If your dog/dogs are home safe and sound and you’re out walking them today, watch what they are checking out on their walk. There’s lots of debris left from all the celebrating. Naturally firecracker remnants are not good for dogs to eat and neither are the glow sticks or glow jewelry (necklaces, bracelets etc.) that kids love to wear. The luminescent product can cause excessive drooling and stomach aches. If dogs ingest any of the plastic it can cause blockages or intestinal tears. Be safe! Take an extra bag with you and collect garbage that would harm a pet!