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How to I.D. Yourself to Get Your Pet Back

With all the weather emergencies going on this month, and resulting lost pets or rescued pets, it's good to think about what to do if an emergency results in your pet running (or swimming?!) away. We are impressed with the consideration that first responders and advance planners have made for "family" shelters where we can bring our pets with us when we evacuate. It's good to know the general public really does consider their pet part of the family and won't go without them. However, pets do get scared and run away in emergency situations when we can hardly get ourselves together to evacuate.

Here's a clever tip that I read about from the Florida Veterinarians. Take a selfie of yourself with your pet, or your family with your pet. Yes, you can identify your pet if you find him but will the shelter let you leave without proving that she's yours? Further it's best to have an actual photo - even one printed on regular printer paper - because traditionally the power is out in emergencies and our phones run out of juice. Here's hoping there are no readers out there that have lost a pet as the result of the hurricanes.