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Houston PETS Need Help

The flood waters of Hurricane Harvey are making life miserable for everyone in Houston and surrounding areas, including the pets. This morning CBS featured the human shelters that are allowing families to bring pets with them to wait out the storm. The American Red Cross was providing food, blankets and even some toys for those pets.

Hundreds of rescuers in boats are saving people & pets out in the floodwaters. Wire crates are badly needed for the saved pets that have been separated from their families or couldn't be transported with their families.

Below are websites and Facebook pages you can check if you want to donate to help the animals. There are dozens more rescues and shelters that are working with them to save animals. Check their webs or FB for what they need and how to donate:

temp-post-image (City of Houston,BARC Animal Shelter) has evacuated 124 cats to the: SPCA of Texas - (in Dallas & McKinney TX)