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Guest Post: How to BEAT the Summer HEAT

This guest post was written (and photos taken) by Kelly of and Corgibutts on Facebook.

This summer is hot and humid. Yuck.

I am sure it is yucky for the pups in our lives as well. Especially corgis, with their über thick coats! Keeping them cool is so important, but can be tricky. So, without further ado.. here is my complete guide to keeping your four-legged friends cool this disgustingly, unbearably hot and humid summer!


Avoid the Sun

My number 1 tip to beat the heat. Sun = hot, so we avoid it as much as possible. I try to keep our longer walks before 7am and after 7pm. And any fetch that is played is done so at least 7:30pm or later. At these times the sun is just rising and starting to set, which means less direct sun and more shady areas. We also choose naturally shadier areas to walk during sunnier parts of the day. This is great rule to have for humans too, since too much sun on your skin is BAD (it’s also bad on your dog’s skin, which I will discuss later).

Another great tip is to go walking in the rain! No umbrellas or rain gear needed! It feels good! And is kind of fun to get rained on



Humidity means that I will be drinking about a pitcher of brita every day, so I assume that Gibson will need an increase of water as well. Make sure your dog’s water bowl is always full of clean, cool water! And if you keep your dog in a cooler room during the day, keep a bowl in there as well. We only have wall AC units in 2 rooms, so we try to keep Gibson in one of them if it is super hot in the house. He gets a big bowl of water in there! I think he thinks it’s fun to have water in different rooms of the house


Have Fun with Water

When we can, I take Gibson places where he can take a dip. My parents have a pool, which is tons of fun for the pups to play in (make sure the pool owner is OK w/dogs swimming in their pool!). Gibson is still a little wary of swimming..but he’ll do it and seems happy afterwards! lol. I normally will just carry him in with me and then let go and he takes off for the stairs. Or else, I will just dunk him in to get him cooled off.


It is also a good idea, if you take your dog to parks or trails, to make sure that there is a lake or creek where you are going. We have a park near our house that has a small lake and river, so I know that if I take him for a walk there, he’ll have a spot to cool off if he gets over heated. Likewise, we avoid going to the dog park during the summer because it has no water source!

If you don’t have a pool or lake nearby, there are always kiddie pools! I think they should maybe rename them ‘doggy pools’ though I think most people use them for their dogs nowadays!

Last resort for water fun, is just a good ol’ hose! I will hose Gibson down after walks if he seems really hot or pre-hose him off before the walk!

Frozen Treats

What’s better than a frozen treat in the summer? I think dogs think the same way! I don’t do this often, but Gibson loves getting doggie ice cream (click for recipe). Easy, yummy and healthy!


He’s not that into ice cubes (they normally end up melting on the floor), but that is a great idea as well, so I will throw one in his water bowl from time to time.

Hair Removal

As it gets hotter and hotter, Gibson sheds more and more. And more. Does it ever stop? Look at how much fur is falling off his butt after a swim!


The undercoat has got to go when the weather warms up, so make sure to brush at least once a week! I’ve heard of people getting a ‘summer’ cut done to their corgis as well, but we have never done that. I’m guessing it could help though! One thing to remember though, NEVER EVER SHAVE YOUR DOG! Dogs have their fur for a reason, it’s to keep them warm in the winter AND cool in the summer! It protects them from the harmful sun and keeps the heat off of their skin. If they are shaved they could get sun burnt if you do not slather them w/sun screen. No fun for anyone involved! Plus their fur could grow back weird or not grow back in time for winter So, please. Don’t shave!

And Obviously….

Please don’t leave your dog in the car when you go to the store! Poor little babies can fry in there!

Lets keep our puppers nice and cool the rest of the summer!


This guest post was written (and photos taken) by Kelly of and Corgibutts on Facebook.