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Direct Male Marketing: How To Reach The “Newest Majority” Of Retail Shoppers

Forbes magazine calls it the MEN-aissance. For the first time ever, males have surpassed females in US retail spending, now accounting for 13% more dollar sales. Research shows that there are clear differences in the way men and women make purchasing decisions and buy items. To attract the growing body of male shoppers, retailers should be aware of these gender differences and incorporate them into their store's marketing strategy.

temp-post-imageGet In-Line Online

Men are twice as likely to shop online as women. But research shows that 40% of people will abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Having a fast loading website is a must for retailers who hope to engage and hold the interest of internet-oriented male shoppers.


Boost Mobile APP-eal

Males are also more prone to shop on mobile devices, and they have different preferences in a shopping app than women. A study cited by AdWeek showed that men favor mobile shopping apps that save them time, while women prefer apps that allow them to browse products and share information.


Just The Facts

Research shows that men do rely more heavily on their left brain hemisphere, the "logical" side. They make buying decisions based on objective information, rather than a product's image or even reviews from other customers. Hard facts about products presented in a clear concise manner, as opposed to "image advertising," will more likely catch men's attention.


Male Branding

A study conducted by Massey University found that men were more prone to buy products on the basis of brand name, whereas women cared more about comparison shopping to get a good price. This suggests it's important for retailers to highlight well-known brands when marketing to men.


Fast vs. Fab Service

Good customer service in the store means different things to males and females. Women expect a store's staff to discuss the products and give them expert advice. For men, however, good service means helping them get through the checkout lane as quickly as possible.