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Sniffing for A Customized Dog Cologne

July 3, 2012 - Motivated by the true story of one of their past colognes for dogs - one that made possible the identification and safe return of a lost dog –, a French-themed brand of personal care products for pets, invites women who love pets to help them create a Signature Fragrance for dogs ... Continue Reading →

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The Lost Dog

The Inspiration for Creating A “Signature Fragrance” for Viva La Dog Spa

The “power” of a having SIGNATURE scent can be explained by Viva La Dog Spa’s VP of Marketing, Barbara Denzer. “Our parent company, Cardinal Laboratories, at one time made a line of eight “knock-off” fragrances for pets. Four of those fragrances were wildly successful for many years. They were versions of Giorgio, Opium, Poison and Polo. Women who loved those fragrances, also enjoyed them on their pets.” ... Continue Reading →

Featured Products

6 New Ways To Pamper Your Pets

Viva La Dog Spa is Excited to introduce six new products that help us all Pamper our Pets.
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Counter Display Starter Kit - Pet Stores & Groomers

This Limited Offer Introductory Starter Kit is the perfect way to acquaint your customers with the basic shampoos and spritzes in the Viva La Dog Spa! line. It holds more ...
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How to Spoil Your Pet

Groomed Dog

Our pets are members of the family and whether your pet is a dog, cat or critter you can treat your four footed loved-one with all the comforts of home no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Showing your love by lavishing attention on your pet – or “spoiling” it as some people call it – is what loving families do ...
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Meet Lilly Claire

Meet Lilly Claire

Lilly Claire is our Viva La Dog Spa! Mascot. She’s original art created for our virtual dog spa website. She has that certain “attitude” that represents fine breeding and exquisite grooming. Of course, she knows all about the special pampering treatments she expects at a World Class Dog Spa. At the top of the page, she’s followed by her daughter Monique and her current litter of pups: Antoinette, Babette, Collette, Suzette and Yvette. (So of course, her mate Pierre must be around somewhere!) You’ll find her around the website giving you tips on how to pamper your dog like she pampers her pups ...
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Our Product is Made by Solar Power!

Solar logo

We are all concerned about the planet and the Viva La Dog SPA! wants to do our part to keep our wonderful world alive and well for our children, grandchildren and pets to enjoy for years to come. ...
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Learn French

Bonjour! means hello or Hi (Good Day), Au Revoir!, means Good Bye, ...
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Beau Soleil

Beau Soleil means “Sunshine” in Cajun French or “Beautiful Sun” in direct translation from French. Either way, it’s what powers the manufacturing plant that makes Viva La Dog Spa! products. ...
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