Grrants Awarded

Pets in the Classroom Program
Awarded Grant by Crazy Pet Children’s Foundation

Azusa, CA  – January 24, 2011 - The Crazy Pet Children’s Foundation  has selected The Pet Care Trust’s Pets in the Classroom program to receive a grant of $5,000. The Pets in the Classroom program teaches students responsible, long-term pet care at an early age and provides psychological and developmental benefits associated with the human-animal bond. 

The Pet Care Trust recognizes that teachers often have limited resources to enhance their classrooms and curriculum. Through a simple, online application process teachers can become eligible to receive grants of $50 to support existing classroom pets, or $100-$150 to purchase or adopt a new pet and required equipment.

Crazy Pet Foundation founder Tony de Vos explains that, “The Pets in the Classroom program clearly provides children the benefits of interacting with pets at an early age. Caring for a pet strengthens a child’s character, teaches them important values and increases their capacity to empathize with and care for others.”

“Both Pets in the Classroom and The Crazy Pet Children’s Foundation are dedicated to promoting the child-pet bond, educating children in the care of pets and promoting the training of pets -  both in the home and at school. It’s a good fit for our organizations,” says de Vos.

The Crazy Pet foundation offers grants to other non-profit organizations that operate pet-child programs focusing on educating children about pets, creating a bond between children and pets and/or promoting the training of pets. Good manners make pets valuable members of the family. Understanding and training a pet means they are less likely to be sent to pet shelters or rescues because of bad behavior – the #1 reason pets are taken to shelters.

The official Crazy Pet program title, “Characters Building Character” refers to the Crazy Pet cartoon characters [Crazy Dog, Baby Dog, Crazy Cat & Crazy Little Kitty] who are spokes-pets for the six Back Bones of Character.Caring, Contributing, Having Courage, Being Dependable & Fair and Having Respect for pets & people are character values (back bones) that children learn from caring for pets. Learned early, these values last through their whole life.

The Crazy Pet foundation is funded by royalties from its Train-Me! treats for dogs and from Crazy Dog grooming products sold in pet stores. Fund raising also comes from the on-line sale of its children’s DVDs & books featuring the Crazy Pets.  Meet The Crazy Pets is a DVD featuring fun games and activities for kids plus the Crazy Pet’s movie: The Mystery of the Vanishing River. Pet Training & Dog Tricks is a DVD featuring both dog training instruction and fun videos of dogs. The children’s books are: The Crazy Kids Guide to Cooking for Your Pet and The Kids Guide to Pet Jokes, Rhymes & Riddles. 

Pet Care Trust Executive Director, Steven King, expressed appreciation for the funding for their Pets in the Classroom program. “We are honored to have our program recognized as a deserving non-profit by the Crazy Pet Children’s Foundation. We hope to building on the incredible growth our program experienced in 2010 and reach even more classrooms in 2011. Support from organizations like Crazy Pet will allow us to serve even more teachers and students nationwide, providing education and psychological benefits of having a classroom pet.”

The Helen Woodward Animal Center

The Helen Woodward Animal Center, located in Rancho Sante Fe, California, is a unique, private, non-profit organization dedicated to saving the lives of animals and enriching the lives of people. They have a number of programs and services that provide a variety of unique learning opportunities which support the bond between humans and animals by nurturing knowledge, compassion, and respect toward all living things.

They applied for and received a grant from the Crazy Pet Foundation to support their Mobile Unit, Animobile, a 30-ft classroom that takes pets to schools. A fun, interactive presentation highlights the expected and unexpected ways animals help people and people help animals. It’s education AND fun, all in one. Students get a chance to interact with animals as they learn!

The themes include Adaptations, Safety and Local Wildlife, Classification, and for a defined number of visits it will include the Crazy Pet Back Bones of Character program through the use of our books, videos and color pages based on the character values that kids learn from caring for pets. All animal presentations are age-appropriate and fulfill a variety of California State Science Content Standards in the Life Sciences domain.

For more information about their educational programs, pet therapy programs, therapeutic horseback riding, Ani-meals, and their pet adoption programs visit: