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The Grant Application Process

A Foundation or Non-Profit Organization may apply for a Grant by completing the Crazy Pet Children’s Foundation Grant Application Form and submit it with the following:

  1. A presentation of the pet-child program they are actively offering children through their foundation, including a copy of the curriculum.

  2. The method they will use to determine how they will choose the under-privileged children who will receive the scholarship to their program.

  3. A copy of their 501 [C] (3) from the Federal Government and Signed W-9 Form

  4. Representations and Proof of Charitable Status

Selection of Grant Recipients

The Crazy Pet Children’s Foundation will accept Grant Applications, which will be posted on its website,, at any time during the year. Grants will be awarded based on their compliance with the mission of the Foundation and at the sole discretion of the Foundation board. Grants will be announced twice a year, May 1st and November 1st.

Funding Process

Upon Selection of an organization as recipient of a Grant from CPCF, the Grantee will be notified by mail or phone. The Grantee fills out the Grant Agreement Form and the Grant will be awarded to the organization.


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