The Crazy Pet Childrens Foundation

The Crazy Pet Children’s Foundation
Grant Application

Name of Organization ________________________________________________________

Official Address ____________________________________________________________

City _______________________ State ____ Zip _________

Office Telephone _______________________ Office Email Address___________________

Oranization Website__________________________________________________________

Name of Program Director _______________________ Telephone ____________________

Email Address of Program Director______________________________________________

The following information should be attached separately as a presentation:

Certification by Applicant

I certify that the information contained in this application is true and complete. I understand that a fraudulent representation or omission of any information requested is grounds for immediate refusal to grant assistance under this program.

I understand that the awarding of the Grant is neither a right nor entitlement and that the Board of Directors of the CPC Foundation shall have sole discretion in determining whether this organization is qualified to receive a Grant.


Signed ________________________________ Title_________________ Date______________

Form Part I: Application 73009
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